Journal of Neurology and Experimental Neural Science

Volume 2016; Issue 1
3 Jan 2017

‘EEG-EEG Interchange/Thinking Proceeding Transmission’

Poster Presentation

Gerasimos Fagogenis*

Athens University School of Medicine postgraduate, Greece

*Corresponding author:Dr. Fagogenis Gerasimos, Pediatrician, Athens University School of Medicine, Greece, Tel: +30 6936638597; Email:

Received Date: 01 November, 2016; Accepted Date: 02November, 2016; Published Date: 09November, 2016


Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation


Over preliminary avocation to (virtual) experimentation upon the feasibility of regional or overall transmission of Human Brain’s Electromagnetic waves – as an EEG Signal configuration – to another Person’s Cerebral cortex, But: REMOTELY – like a modulated Signal of compatible Frequency Magnitude, without implement mediation e.g. microchip, cerebral implants or skull electrodes – IN OPEN AIR and ON ANY GPS PARAMETER. Meaning Emission Interaction from Brain to Brain (B-B Interface) means Radio Antennas sensors and Satellite mediated procedures. Primary schedule runs as: EEGgraphic waves properly detected, through specific sensitive appliances are gathered to be Transmitted TO OTHER Participant’s Brain. It follows and with detectable Phase Difference Elaboration of those EEGgraphic Signals because these are compatible with Human Brain’s Electrophysiology. Here Not a PC but Cortex is the Decoding matter. Effects are impressive and constitute COGNITIVE COMMUNICATION of other’s cerebral funct resulting in Comprehension of them as a copied Speech Analogon-Parallele, coinciding technically to the long spoken concept of Telepathy. That goes back even to the very early origination of Mental Constructions’ that is to Thought and Intangible (sensed) Images΄ making of. Furthermore this Brain to Brain Transmittal comprises not only cognitive but also sensory interpretations©. The quality of Perception and Interaction from person to person coincides with Reality in some fields while simultaneously and at any moment Intangible sensory and cognitive Images – Noetic forms Gestalt* – are realized bilaterally:


Psychesthetism**Essence in perception and comprehension©


At all time Speech interaction simulates open space conversation©

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