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2017: International Conference on Petrochemical Engineering
11 Oct 2017

Hydrocarbon Charge History of Zhahaquan Oilfield, Western Qaidam Basin

2017: International Conference on Petrochemical Engineering




When multiple fractures are created in a horizontal well, the effects of stress shadow or stress interference become an important consideration. Fracture spacing, fracture width distributions and propagation paths are all associated with stress shadow effects. Consequently, to make rational decisions on completion strategies and production performance analysis, operators need to make clear the stress shadow effects among multi-fractures.
In this paper, a multi-fracture propagation model was established to study the effects of stress shadow numerically. In the model, the stress field of multiple fractures was calculated by pseudo 3D boundary element method. Fluid flow was described by the lubrication equation. Fracture propagation velocities and paths were explicitly determined by subcritical fracture propagation law and maximum energy release rate law respectively. Multiple fr

Wang Lin gained her bachelor degree in Nanjing university, China. And majored in geochemistry. Now she has her expertise in petroleum resource engineering and does her research in research institute of petroleum exploration & development, petrochina. Her work mainly focuse on oil and gas accumulation of Qaidam basin, China, based on the analysis of fluid inclusion, quantitative grain fluorescence, laser Raman spectroscopy, et al.

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