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2017: International Conference on Petrochemical Engineering
11 Oct 2017

Operating experiences of Glycol inhibitor for hydrate and dew point control in gas production facility offshore and onshore

2017: International Conference on Petrochemical Engineering




Glycols are widely used to prevent hydrate formation in subsea pipelines and in the gas processing industry to control dew point. Operating experiences of Diethylene glycol and monoethylene glycol for preventing hydrate in gas pipelines and dew point control have been performed to evaluate the unexpected operational problems in gas processing system. Field test and laboratory experiments were carried out to investigate the type of glycol, the fluid solidification condition for Monoethylene glycol and Diethylene glycol in the presence of hydrocarbons and salts. Results led us to make modification in the gas plant and choose the right type of glycol with optimum dose to simplify operation and save costs in gas processing in Egypt. This paper covers all aspects of the process from type of glycol to nozzle placement and locations in low temperature separators to enhance the performance and quality control of gas processing. This study will address the operational issues with practical solutions are presented. These deals with glycol contaminated by a high salt content from completion fluids and hydrate formation in offshore gas line, design modification to process equipment and changing from DEG to MEG for sales gas specification. This paper also addresses the proper glycol type to fit gas composition, proper glycol injection rates, nozzle sizing, placement and location according to actual field data not textbook data that is central in the designed recommended process parameters.

Atef Abdelhady is Academic staff in the British University in Egypt. He holds a B.SC. and M.S degree in Petroleum Engineering. He holds a PhD degree in the specialty of Petroleum Production Engineering. He has 40 years in oil and gas industry as a manager for all activities associated with treatment and processing of oil and gas onshore and offshore locations. Also during my carrier in oil and gas business was responsible to transfer field experience to all engineers and others. I represent Egypt in oil and gas conferences outside Egypt as speaker. An SPE active member for more than 35 years. During his career, he has authored several technical papers in Egypt and USA. He has been selected as a qualified candidate for inclusion in the 1998 edition of International Who’s Who Membership. He has training skills and experience inside and outside Egypt. He has 25 year in oil and gas condition in gas&oil fields offshore and onshore. He has many years in oil and Gas activities advance safety technologies to enhance and optimize operations. Did some workshop for Society Petroleum Engineering in production optimization in Egypt and Kuwait.

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