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2017: International Conference on Petrochemical Engineering
11 Oct 2017

Pipeline inspection evaluation method for increasing open innovation efficiency in petroleum industry

2017: International Conference on Petrochemical Engineering




Since innovations in petroleum industry are closed and cost oriented, there is a need for a tool that can guide the innovator from beginning of problem definition to autonomous system development as a solution in an effective and efficient way. On the other hand, petroleum industry is a highly sensitive area for safety and security of technological development and conservative in terms of company or research secrets, which creates a need for accurate transmission of definitions to the intended platforms, to evaluate in a right way and transfer the evaluation to a relevant model, which can be used for Open Innovation application in robot-based solutions of petroleum industry.

This work introduces the petroleum robotics, focuses on improvements in in-pipe inspection robot developments and as a first phase of the main part evaluates existing locomotion technologies of chosen robots and evaluating them in variables point of view. From this starting point, own – parameters those are not well considered and explained in the literature will be defined deeper and added to criterion formation. Second phase is evaluation of whole development in 5–points system to give a better view of where the developments stand today. Later on, projects and methods will be presented and evaluated in 5-points evaluation method developed by this work.

Bahadur Ibrahimov is an Engineer, young researcher in Vienna and freelance consultant. He is originally from Azerbaijan where got his high school education and
moved to Istanbul for University Degree. Sean studied at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul and afterwards in Vienna University of Technology as a State Scholar
where he received Master of Science degree in Engineering Management on Petroleum Geology and a PhD degree for his research on the In-Pipe Inspection
Robotics and Open Innovation in Petroleum Technologies. This research has taken him all over the world from the Albania, to Shanghai. Previously Bahadur worked
at Amplo Consulting Services Company and run Vienna Office as a technology consultant and head of the office.

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