Journal of Surgery (ISSN: 2575-9760)

Research Article

The Structure of Oral and Maxillofacial Illness among Mongolian Children

Purevsuren B,1 Narantuya I,2 Ayanga GN,3 Norovpil Ts1

1”Ach” medical university

2 School of Nursing, Mongolian National University of Medical Science

3National Center for Maternal and Child Health of Mongolia

Corresponding Author*: Purevsuren B, Narantuya I, Ayanga GN, Norovpil Ts (2020) The Structure of Oral and Maxillofacial Illness among Mongolian Children. J Surg 5: 1291. DOI: 10.29011/2575-9760.001291

Received Date: 20 February, 2020

Accepted Date: 27 November, 2020

Published Date: 31 August, 2021


Introduction: The Department of Pediatric Maxillofacial Surgery of the National Center for Maternal and Child Health (NCMCH) has a nationwide tertiary medical service on the patients who is with congenital oral and maxillofacial anomalies, facial injury, nonmalignant tumors of this area, and inflammations of maxillofacial area following dental caries and other reasons as well. For the last years nationwide the number of inpatient of the department has been growing constantly meaning that the necessity of medical care for our countries for population is also growing. Therefore by studying and analyzing the structure of the illness of the department will be able to determine the most frequent orofacial illness among children in Mongolia, to prevent them, define the treatment plan.

Aim: To clarify what disease in the maxillofacial area mainly occurs for children in Mongolia.

Result: The most of patients, who involved in this study were with the inflammation of maxillofacial area (60.43%) and the congenital orofacial clefts (23.14%).

Materials and Method: We included all patients who underwent emergency and planned surgery in the Department of Pediatric Maxillofacial Surgery, NCMCH between 2014-2017.

Keywords: Cleft lip and palate and orofacial clefts; Inflammation of maxillofacial area; odontogenic periostitis; Structure of disease