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42 Consecutive Open Suprapubic Prostatectomies Without Blood Transfusion or Continuous Bladder Irrigation

Obi Anselm Okwudili*

Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, Ebonyi State University Abakaliki, Nigeria

*Corresponding author: Obi Anselm Okwudili, Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, PMB 102 Abakaliki Ebonyi State Nigeria/ Ebonyi State University Abakaliki, Nigeria. Tel: +2348033464195; Email:

Received Date: 01 April, 2018; Accepted Date: 13 April, 2018; Published Date: 20 April, 2018

1.       Abstract

1.1.  Purpose: To share our experience on 42 consecutive cases of open suprapubic prostatectomy done without blood transfusion or continuous bladder irrigation.

1.2.  Methods: Prospectively collected data on forty-two consecutive trans vesical Prostatectomies that were done using a modified suprapubic prostatectomy technique from May 2016 to Sept 2017(group 2), were compared with an older series of transvesical Prostatectomies done from January 2003 to April 2016, using the traditional 5 and 7 o’clock haemostatic sutures (group 1).

1.3.  Results: The groups were similar with respect to age, BMI, PSA, enucleated prostate volume, duration of surgery and commorbidities. The mean change in haematocrit in group 2 was 6.0(±2.8) compared to 6.6(±4.3) in group 1; P=.446. The mean duration of admission was 16.5(±9.6) days in group 1, compared to 6.94(±0.6) days in group 2; P=.000. The clot retention rate in group 1 was 36.3% compared to 9.8% in group 2; P=.000. The overall complication rate in group 1 was 37.6% (59/157) compared to 23.8 %( 10/42) in group 2; P=.034. The transfusion rate in group 1 was 37.3 % with a mean blood transfusion of 1.14(±1.5) pints compared to zero blood transfusion in group 2; P=.000. There were 9 mortalities in group 1, compared to zero mortality in group 2; P=.000.

1.4.  Conclusion: The modified suprapubic prostatectomy technique was associated with better haemostasis. It enabled open suprapubic prostatectomy without bladder irrigation and blood transfusion and was associated with improved surgical outcomes compared to the traditional 5 and 7 o’clock haemostatic suture technique.

2.       Keywords: Blood Transfusion; Continuous Bladder Irrigation; Haemostasis; Open Suprapubic Prostatectomy; Surgical Outcomes

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