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Training Program on Addiction Prevention of Turkey (TBM): Content and Process

Azize Nilgun Canel1*, Savaş Yılmaz2, Hasan Bacanlı3, F. Derya Akyılmaz4

Department of Educational Sciences, Marmara University, Turkey

Turkish Green Crescent General Director, Turkey

TBM, Program Consultant, Turkey

TBM Program Coordinator, Turkey

*Corresponding author: Azize Nilgun Canel, Department of Educational Sciences, Marmara University, Goztepe Campus, 34722, Istanbul, Turkey, Tel: +90 5327024676;  E-mail:;

Received Date: 15 September, 2016; Accepted Date: 07 October, 2016; Published Date: 13 October, 2016

Training Program on Addiction Prevention of Turkey (TBM) is realized as an effective action plan in combating addictions by taking the country’s sociological structure, needs and current education system into account. It is the first and only measurable and sustainable protective-preventive education program of Turkey. TBM Training program is based on acquisition on 5 different topics listed as Technology, Tobacco and Substance Addiction, together with Healthy Life as a complementary topic. TBM is composed of a total of 18 modules. Each book is prepared taking into account the target age group. TBM has three objectives embracing each other according to its target groups. These are; to train trainer of trainers who will organize and perform trainer trainings, to train ‘trainers’ who will provide training service to the target audience, to transfer the ‘protective-preventive information’ to the target audience. TBM Trainer of Trainers Program were organized with the participation of 500 candidate trainer of trainers nationwide between November and December 2014. At the end of those trainings which were designed as 4 days for each addiction topic, 100 trainer of trainers were trained in each topic. Between March and June 2015, 28.349 school counsellors in whole Turkey were provided in service training including the 5 topics. After the first trainings, they reached 390.000 students countrywide in a month. TBM dissemination trainings are in progress in the whole country in 2015-2016 school year. The target is to reach all students at the end of this school year. Within TBM Dissemination Trainings, assessment and evaluation tools and instructions for use are prepared for primary, secondary and high school, and adult levels.

Keywords: Addiction Prevention; Addiction Prevention Training; TBM

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