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Article / Short Communication

"Delphinium denudatum Wall: A Drug Plant"

Teena Agrawal*

Banasthali Vidhypeeth, Niwai, Rajasthan, India

*Corresponding author: Teena Agrawal, Assistant Professor, Banasthali Vidhypeeth, Niwai, India. Tel: +919680724243; Email:

Received Date: 23 August, 2018; Accepted Date: 21 September, 2018; Published Date: 02 October, 2018

1.       Abstract

Folk medicines are the tribal people’s attitudes & response towards the natures, they are the result of the nature interrelation towards the natural vegetation or the flora of the adjoin area, primitive man live on the mercy of the natures and they use the nature for the several purposes, well the folk knowledge transmit from the one generation to the another by them means of the talks and the other means. Traditional knowledge (TK
) is the nature excavation for the different purposes. Here in this research article we are presenting some of the aspects of the plant Delphinium denudatum Wall. of the Ranunculaceae family. The herb is well distributed in the several places of the India specially in the westerns and the north Himalayas region, the plant originates in the cold climates and the snowy areas, they plant is full of all kinds of the metabolites of medicinal values, well some of the metasbotes are very good in the unani medicines and the siddha medicines of the treatment. The Delphinium also famous from the evolutionary point of view and the plant is also used as the ornamental plant in the Himalayas and the sub Himalayas region of the India here many of the tribal peoples uses the plant for the Varity of the treatment.

2.       Keywords: Delphinium denudatum Wall.; Folk medicines; Tribal People’s Attitudes Towards the Natures

1.       Introduction

The traditional knowledge (TK) is the local knowledge of the indigenous people’s observation of the nature and their products for the ultizatinon.  TK is the Ethnobotany and their products utilization for the several purposes.

TK is the personal and the individual reaction of the nature, it is their belief system and the other spiritual aspects towards the plant and their utilization. Here in this research article we are presenting some of the aspects of the Delphinium denudatum Wall. [1-5]. The plant is known as the Saturyno, Mad parvin.

The whole plant parts are very valuable but the tubers and seeds are most valuable, the plants parts are the great purifier of the blood, tuber are the blackish brown, irregularly brown, wrinkled, the tubers are seldom one-inch-long, the tubers are known are as the main reservoirs of the phytochemical of the medical values, the main component are the delphinien and the astaspphisgrines.

1.1Use: They are the stomachic, alternative, anodyne. As a tonic it is used in the fever, also used in the syphilis and the rheumatism.

They roots are chewed and they are sued in the toothaches. In the Persian medicines the Delphinium denudatum Wall. is used as Antidote of the Aconitum ferox. Well the IUCN data are not applied in the species but the genus is the vulnerable and it requires he more work for the exact knowledge of the photochemistry of the molecules [6-9].

2.       Conclusion

overall this is the small review article for the Delphinium denudatum Wall., the spp. is well distributed in their Himalayas region, in India, well in the unani and in the siddha medicines the spp. is used for the several purposes, the many kinds of the fever are treated in the tribal culture from the roots and the tubers of the Delphinium denudatum Wall, well the full of toxic subtracts and in the tribes they are used form the combination of the Aconitum ferox and they are used as he antidote , several groups off the peoples worked on the photochemistry and in the physiology of the Delphinium denudatum Wall. and they found it la good in the some of the authenticated pharmacological exercises [7-12].

The folk medicines are the basis of the all kinds of the medicines of the today world; the chemical drugs have the foundation from  the plant world  and also microbial world, the folk medicines are based on the peoples experiment over the times and they are based on the peoples experiences over the time , the TK is transmitted to the other peoples by the several means of the transmission, so the Folk knowledge or the treasure of their knowledge needs to be protected and hey should be covered for the future uses .

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Citation: Agrawal T (2018) Delphinium denudatum Wall.: A Drug Plant. Int J Appl Res Med Plants: IJARMP-102. DOI :10.29011/IJARMP-102.100002