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"Spinal MRI is not a Complete Replacement for Spinal Cord Angiography: A Rare Case of Spinal Canal Neoplasia in the Spinal Canal that Causes Paralysis: Case Report and Literature Review"

Yunfei Huang1*, Jijun Liu1, Lei Guo1, Jing Lv2, Dingjun Hao1, Yibin Meng1, Jianan Zhang1

1Department of Spine Surgery, Hong Hui Hospital, Xi’an Jiaotong University College of Medicine, Shanxi Province, China

2Department of Clinical laboratory, Hong Hui Hospital, Xi’an Jiaotong University College of Medicine, Shanxi Province, China

*Corresponding author: Yunfei Huang, Department of Spine Surgery, Hong Hui Hospital, Xi’an Jiaotong University College of Medicine, No. 76 Nanguo Road, Nanshao gate, Xi’an 710054, Shanxi Province, China

Received Date: 05 July, 2020; Accepted Date: 15 July, 2020; Published Date: 22 July, 2020


Objective: One case of acute spinal cord injury was confirmed by spinal myelography, and the application of spinal angiography in patients with special spinal cord injury was explored.

Methods: One patient with acute spinal cord injury and severe low back pain was unable to lie supine and could not be examined with MRI and CT of the spine. The cause and location of the injury could not be determined; spinal angiography had to be performed; spinal angiography showed cerebrospinal fluid circulation disorder; emergency surgery showed thoracic spine Intraductal Schwannoma with hemorrhage.

Results: Schwannoma with hemorrhage

Conclusion: The patient had acute lower back pain with paraplegia of both lower extremities. Because of severe lower back pain, he could only take a seat and could not lie supine. He could not complete MRI and CT examinations, and could not clearly identify the location and nature of the lesion; spinal cord nerves were progressively worsened and spinal cord was given for spinal cord surgery. Spinal angiography showed that cerebrospinal fluid in the spinal canal was blocked, suggesting that there was a space occupying lesion in the spinal canal. Emergency surgical exploration was performed to remove the occupying schwannomas. In the diagnosis and treatment of spinal diseases in modern medicine, magnetic resonance is often the gold standard, but Spinal vertebral angiography still has an irreplaceable status in some special conditions.


Schwannoma; Haemorrhage; Spinal cord injury; MRI; CT; Intraspinal space occupation; Cerebrospinal fluid


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Citation: Huang Y, Liu J, Guo L, Lv J, Hao D, et al. (2020) Spinal MRI is not a Complete Replacement for Spinal Cord Angiography: A Rare Case of Spinal Canal Neoplasia in the Spinal Canal that Causes Paralysis: Case Report and Literature Review. Chron Pain Manag 4: 127. DOI: 10.29011/2576-957X.100027

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