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"Living Temperature"

Martin Vlcek* 

Working in a Functionality, Non-profit research group, Prague, Czech Republic                                                                                                                         

*Corresponding author: Martin Vlček, Researcher, Working in eFunctionality, Non-profit research group, Prague, Czech Republic. Tel: +420-737164850; Email: 

Received Date: 15 October, 2018; Accepted Date: 16 October, 2018; Published Date: 22 October, 2018

1.       Introduction


A study of living systems led also to a generalization of the physical notion of temperature.


Living, holistic temperature is a notion what involves as a special case the “physical”, classical temperature. Then - thanks to its commonness - it can explain seeming paradoxes of classical temperature as e.g. difference of temperatures between the Sun and its corona.


An object enters into relations with its environment and every relation is characterized by its events of certain forms coming in certain times. By the way this time is defined by the object. Every type of a relation it is possible to see as a sequence of typical events coming in typical times.


Real interactions are featured by certain irregularity, when a certain event pass happens not at all, fail happens in an incomplete form, or happens in an incorrect time. Thus from point of view of a global interaction it is possible to speak about a measure in what an object finds out events in expected times. This measure is named in Physics as a temperature.


For a given object and a given relation, it is possible to speak about an optimal temperature, what means about a situation when typical events come in all times when they are expected by the object. Asides of this temperature there is a higher and lower one, given by a subjective perception of a given relation by the object. From all relations in what the object enters it is possible to form an average temperature etc.


In overall it is possible to say that in a given position - means in a given involvement into the environment - an object enters into relations having everyone a certain temperature. When an object will be substituted by another similar one, its perception of temperature will be similar. When it will be a different one, entering into different relations, temperatures and the average one could be quite different or cannot be perhaps measurable at all.


For another example can serve a situation when a new object enters besides analogical relations with another, old object also into new relations. Thanks to these new relations temperatures evaluated by the object can be quite different. If these new relations are in addition hardly visible or invisible totally by other objects, a seemingly paradox of “illogical” temperatures can happen - see Sun and its corona.


That is why the temperature is a quantity characterizing the activity of a certain relation, a frequency of incoming events. It doesn’t go only about a physical quantity but about a systematic quantity in general, what is very important for the existence of every object. In the same time, it goes about a quantity what is from a great part subjective. Of course, it is connected with a certain position in the reality but from a great part it is influenced by the type and the actual state of the object.


2.       Forecast and Expectations


In order to have an ability to evaluate the temperature of a given relation the object must have a possibility to estimate or forecast this relation. Only in this case it can expect some events. For this sake it is necessary to have to its disposal a memory describing laws of a given relation. After on, this memory uses a mechanism of verification in what it works - as shows model calculation over stock but still living markets - with a temperature. It goes about a drop of frequency of events of a relation in a situation when the object is consciously falling into the sleep (!), in contrast with a state of vigilance.


The theme of the sleep and of the dream is a content of another text, here it is possible only to state that a dream is used in general systematically, means not only in living objects, for a verification of significance and veracity of some modifications. This means of a usefulness of the memory.


3.       Conclusion


Temperature of a relation is seemingly near to its intensity, strength. But the intensity speaks about an impact having a relation over an object, though the temperature about a frequency of these impacts.


Importance of a generalization of the physical temperature to the living, holistic one is in the fact that it allows to see its substance, systematism. Also it is a systematic way to its influence. Because its subjectivity is emphasized, it is possible to modify it through subjective interventions.

Citation: Vlcek M (2018) Living Temperature. J Nucl Med Radiol Imaging: JNMRI-108. DOI:10.20911/JNMRI-108/100008

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