Journal of Surgery (ISSN: 2575-9760)

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The Difficulty of Managing Recurrent Sigmoid Volvulus in a Frail Patient

Utsav Radia1, Melanie Dani2, George Malietzis1, Michael B Fertleman2, Louis J Koizia1,2*

1Department of Surgery, St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, UK

2Cutrale Perioperative and Ageing Group, Imperial College London, UK

*Corresponding author: Louis J Koizia, Department of Surgery, St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, UK

Received Date: 06 January, 2021; Accepted Date: 11 January, 2021; Published Date: 15 January, 2021


Abdominal pain is a common cause for presentation of the older patient to healthcare services. Sigmoid volvulus is one of the leading causes of acute large bowel obstruction in adults. It affects older, comorbid, frailer and institutionalized patients. In this report, we highlight some of the clinical and ethical dilemmas clinicians face when caring for patients with recurrent sigmoid volvulus. We endorse early involvement of geriatricians and palliative care services in these individuals to ensure maximum patient comfort, quality of life and dignity.


Decompression, Frailty; Palliation; Sigmoid volvulus

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