Author Guidelines

The international eBooks of Gavin Publishers provide the publication of chapters in all areas related to basic sciences, Engineering and technology, medical sciences, clinical sciences and pharmaceutial journals with their subcategories.

Each journal has a set of individual author guidelines that provide advice on how to prepare your article for submission. We also provide here more details on specific topics that may be valuable as you prepare your submission.

Two types of eBooks are published in Gavin Publishers:

  • Short eBook
  • Standard eBook

Publication charges for eBooks: Gavin Publishers International eBooks is a self-sufficient organization and does not receive funds from any institution / government. Therefore, the operation of eBooks is financed only with the handling fees received from the authors. Handling fees are necessary to comply with the preparation of the Front Page, the creation of the website, the assignment and validation of PDF, ISBN, DOI activation and the online maintenance of electronic books for life. The authors of the book chapters must pay a fair handling fee for the processing of their chapters. However, there are no submission charges.

eBook Publication Price - 1700 GBP

Benefits of publishing

  • Activation of ISBN and DOI number.
  • 2 hard copies and 1 soft copy provided for free.

Preparation of eBooks:

General: All authors must strictly follow the instructions for the authors, in case the chapters are rejected without revision. Publishers reserve the right to adjust the style to certain standards to maintain uniformity.

Structure: Arrange the eBook as follows: Title page, Authors, Summary, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, References, Figures with legends and Tables with legends. The corresponding author must identify with an asterisk.

Page design:

1. Margins: Normal, Orientation: Vertical, A4 size and Columns one
2. Select all the text and replace it with a single space.
3. Select the entire document and change the text style to Calibri with size 9
4. Open the paragraph dialog box and select the following:

  • Alignment: Justified
  • Outline level: body text
  • Spacing between lines and paragraphs 1.5
  • Click Do not add space between paragraphs of the same style

5. Make sure each new paragraph is clearly indicated
6. Present tables and captions of figures on separate pages at the end of the manuscript

Plagiarism detection: the double-blind peer review process is followed in Gavin Publishers eBooks, which is considered the heart of the success of the scientific publication. As part of our commitment to the protection and improvement of the peer review process, the Gavin Publishers eBook team has an obligation to help the scientific community at all stages of publication ethics, especially in cases of duplicate presentation or content of plagiarism.

To reduce delays, authors should ensure that the level, duration and format of the presentation of a chapter meet the requirements of the Gavin Publishers Group in the presentation and at each review stage.

eBook Chapter Preparation: Divide your article into main sections and subsections. Subsections should not be numbered 1.1 or 1.2, etc. The summary is not included in the section numbering. Any subsection can receive a short header. Each title must appear on a separate line.

Tests and reprints

Electronic proofs will be sent as an email attachment to the corresponding author in a PDF file. Page tests are considered the final version of the chapter. With the exception of typographical or minor administrative errors, no changes will be made to the chapter in the test stage. The authors will have a free hard copy of their electronic books. Authors can print unlimited copies of their chapters.