Editor Guidelines

Gavin Publishers International has successfully published books since 2016 with the healthy support of eminent researchers from all corners of the world.

Brief editorial responsibilities include:

  • Propose a title for the book
  • Prepare the book chapter titles for the proposed book
  • Coordinate with Gavin Publishers to invite author to contribute to the relevant book chapters for the proposed book or publisher. They can invite authors or the editor can send book chapters.
  • Proof editing the presentation of the final version of the Book before publishing

The process of Book publication includes:

  • Editor accepts to publish a Book with Gavin Publishers International
  • Editor Proposes a Title for the Book
  • Editor suggests with book Chapter Titles
  • Change website with the proposed Book Title, Chapter Titles & cover image
  • Inviting contributors for the proposed Book
  • Coordinating with editor and author relating to scope & title for the author's contribution
  • Author submits his contribution for review
  • Upon editor's acceptance, the contribution is allotted with Reviewers
  • Supported Reviewer comments and approval from editor, the author's contribution is enclosed within the Book.
  • On submission and review of all the Book Chapters, the Book is printed and is out for readers.

Once the Book are printed online, no book chapters are additional within the proposed list of Book Chapters. All the printed Books are submitted with their various repositories.