Archives of Sociology and Criminology

Archives of Sociology and Criminology is an online, open access journal covers various aspects in socialistic and criminalistic views of a crime and their key role in criminal investigations.


ASC promotes international collaboration on crime investigations to improve investigative patterns, methods, practices, Humanity and to expand and deepen the understanding of the natures of the crime.


Aim and Scope


Archives of Sociology and Criminology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with quality manuscripts which aims to publish original research and reviews in the field Criminal law, Civil Law, Jurisprudence, Justice, Forensic science, Forensic medicine, Medical Malpractice, Positism, Equity, Domestic Violence, Social media etc.


The main objective of the journal is to provide an opportunity to researchers and scientist to explore their knowledge in various aspects of Sociology and Criminology.


All published articles are permanently archived and available at Gavin Publishers website in HTML and PDF formats.


All published articles are assigned to Digital Object Identifier (DOI) - Crossref.

·         Analytical Sociology

·         Child and Family Protection

·         Community Based Corrections

·         Conflict Resolutio

·         Criminal Justice

·         Criminology

·         Developmental Theories of Crime

·         Environmental Sociology

·         Organized Crime, Popular culture

·         Racial Discrimination

·         Restorative Justice

·         Secondary socialisation

·         Sex Offending

·         Social Deviance

·         Social Movements

·         Social Policy

·         Sociology

·         Women and Crime

      ·         Women Harassment