Current Research in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

Current Research in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering is an online open access journal with full open access to readers covering areas of bone engineering, cell therapies for muscle regeneration, organ engineering and replacement, therapies using engineered tissues, translational work and clinical studies in the specialty of regenerative medicine, stem cells, cell therapies, including allied specialties.


Focus and Scope


Current Research in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Enginnering publishes research relating to both the fundamental and practical aspects of regenerative medicine,developmental biology, cancer biology,clinical applications, tissue engineering, animal experiments, etc.


All published articles are assigned to Digital Object Identifier (DOI) -Crossref.


All published articles are permanently archived and available at Gavin Publishers website in HTML and PDF formats.

·         Chronic Wounds

·         Cord Blood

·         Extracellular Matrix

·         Molecular Biology 

·         Reconstructive Surgery

·         Regenerating Human Cells

·         Regenerative Endodontics

·         Regenerative Therapy

·         Tissue Engineering

·         Tissues 

·         Tooth Regeneration

·         Translational Research

      ·         Developmental Biology

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