Current Trends in Radiation Oncology and Cancer

Current Trends in Radiation Oncology and Cancer is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, online open access journal that encompasses biology, physics and practical radiation oncology of cancer. Journal provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of clinical trial reports and reanalyses, comparative and cost effectiveness research, medical physics, brachytherapy and health services research are welcome.


Focus and Scope 


Journal aims to advance the impact on the treatment of cancer using radiation as well basic experimental work relating radiation oncology and health policy by providing a platform for scientists, students and eminents over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in radiation oncology. scholars are welcomed to contribute their knowledge and experience in the form of research articles, case reports, review, communication, perspectives, etc.


All published articles are assigned to Digital Object Identifier (DOI) - Crossref.


All published articles are permanently archived and available at Gavin Publishers website in HTML and PDF formats.

    Adjuvant Radiation Therapy
    Adjuvant Therapy
    Brain cancer
    Breast cancer
    Cellular Death
    Cervical cancer
    Colon cancer
    Diagnosis of cancer
    Ionizing Radiation
    Linear Accelerator
    Lung cancer
    Malignant Cells
    Medical Imaging
    Megavoltage X-Rays
    Mouth and throat cancer
    Pancreatic cancer
    Prostate cancer
    Radioactive Source
    Skin cancer

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