Archives on Veterinary Science and Technology

Title: Pancreas Diseases in Dogs and Cats

Guest Editor:


Heike Aupperle-Lellbach

Laboklin GmbH & Co. KG

97688 Bad Kissingen



About the Special Issue: Clinical symptoms of pancreas diseases are often non-specific. Thus a detailed work up of the patients is necessary to find the diagnosis. Pancreatic diseases include inflammatory, degenerative and neoplastic processes – or a combination of them. Canine pancreatitis has been investigated in several studies. However, literature about feline pancreatic diseases is limited and pancreatic neoplasms are rarely described in both species.


This special edition aims to give an overview about actual research and developments in the fields of diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases in dogs and cats.


Furthermore, the description of the differences between canine, feline and human pancreatitis and pancreas cancer may be of interest in comparative medicine.


Deadline for manuscript submissions: August 01, 2019.


Submissions can be done at (Or) through online submission at

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